Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Living Sisters - "Love To Live" (2010)

Now this is comfort music. The most delicate of songs that sway you in harmony's arms and playfully move and float you on a cloud of soul and lullabies. This angelic trio of pixies blend their voices in the tradition of the greatest 1940's radio booth groups and evoke the same firefly chasing, wrap around porch sitting nights where time moves slower and the days are filled with heavy eyelids and the softest of smiles. The combined talents of these three enchanted singers spin you a dreamy pillow and ease the hardest of troubles away with simple warmth and celestial delight. -- Chris Baginski

1. "How Are You Doing?"
2. "Ferris Wheel"
3. "Blue"
4. "Cradle"
5. "Good Ole Wagon"
6. "Hold Back"
7. "The Mountain Has Skies"
8. "Double Knots"
9. "(You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am"
10. "Don’t Let The Sun Go Down"


Kat said...

Enjoying your blog. Thanks for the tunes &please, keep on keepin on!

Chris said...

Thanks for tuning in Kat!