Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Donkeys - "Living On the Other Side" (2008)

The Donkeys second album has the band moving to the Dead Oceans label who's name is fitting as the band clearly has its sails unfurled in California waters. Hailing from San Diego, these beach town boys sound like they've spent many a lazy afternoon in an oceanside garage with their instruments, a couple bottles of Pacifico, and some Workingman's Dead era Grateful Dead boots. I first came to know them, not as The Donkeys, but as Geronimo Jackson, the bellbottomed fictional band on LOST sporadically mentioned throughout the series. When the 1970's came into play on the show, a song called Dharma Lady could be heard at points in the background. It turned out to be The Donkeys doing a reworked version of their song Excelsior Lady which closes out this album. I knew I had to check this band out and was glad to find The Donkeys are as groovy as Geronimo Jackson and clearly drank the Dharma brand Kool-Aid. -- Chris Baginski

1. Gone Gone Gone
2. Walk Through A Cloud
3. Dolphin Center
4. Pretty Thing
5. Traverse Wine
6. Bye Bye Baby
7. Downtown Jenny
8. Nice Train
9. Dreamin’
10. Boot On The Seat
11. Excelsior Lady

Dharma Lady

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