Saturday, February 13, 2010

John Prine - "The Missing Years" (1991)

John Prine has a way of calming you down. He pushes all else away for the simple stories he'd like to tell you. He's a guy you can't help but grin around. Never taking himself all too seriously, he always speaks his music with a son of a gun smile. And he gives all those qualities to you when you hear his songs. On the Grammy award winning The Missing Years, John does what he does best - sing unvarnished tales of life with a rolling ease that makes you feel like you're listening to him on his back porch with a couple cans of beer between you both. -- Chris Baginski

1. "Picture Show" (3:22)
2. "All the Best" (3:28)
3. "The Sins of Memphisto" (4:13)
4. "Everybody Wants to Feel Like You" (3:09)
5. "It's a Big Old Goofy World" (5:10)
6. "I Want to Be With You Always" (3:01)
7. "Daddy's Little Pumpkin" (2:41)
8. "Take a Look at My Heart" (3:38)
9. "Great Rain" (4:08)
10. "Way Back Then" (3:39)
11. "Unlonely" (4:35)
12. "You Got Gold" (4:38)
13. "Everything Is Cool" (2:46)
14. "Jesus the Missing Years" (5:55)

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